27 May 2018

My Frustrating Roadblock

It's not bad enough that my Jerry Roe apparently joined up with a gypsy clan and decided to travel the countryside avoiding census takers and other forms of records, but now I've got to deal with people who chose to perpetuate trees of no substance and proof, instead of doing substantial research. Not every tree is perfect, we all make mistakes or wrong assumptions, I do all the time, but it's my own work and not copying someone else's tree. I correct those mistakes as soon as new information is found. Okay I'll stop ranting and get to my roadblock.

I've been able to trace my mother's Roe line back to Jothonan Jossiers Roe and Rachel Mason, married in 1883 in Livingston, MO. Beyond that I know nothing of Jerry other than that he was born in Iowa in 1859. I have documentation that Rachel Mason and her family was gypsies and a great deal more research on her line, but Jerry has been my roadblock. I also know that Rachel was enumerated with her family in 1880 in Minneapolis, Minnesota travels with a clan of gypsies, which was noted in the margin as such.

Then my mother did her DNA last year and since then I've been researching her Roe line. I've been able to connect her consistently through her DNA connections to Jeremiah Roe II, but I have yet to be able to find all of his children let alone find the connection between him and my gg grandfather Jerry Roe. I am certain that there is only one missing generation between them.

I have researched many of the Roe lines down from Jeremiah Roe I born in 1750 believed to be Ireland. I have eliminated many of the lines as possible connections to my Jerry. I have now with DNA and what lines are left narrowed my search to Jeremiah Roe II or his brother Johnathan Roe.

Johnathan is a possibility because I also have many DNA matches to Van Valkenburg which was his wife, Lucretia's maiden name, and I've not been able to rule out their sons Joel or Richard as possible fathers of my Jerry. I've sent off for information from historical societies related to the surname and areas where they lived. My DNA match to this family is a bit weaker than those of Jeremiah's descendants. So even though I can't rule out two of their sons as possible fathers of my Jerry, I'm beginning to think that I will eventually eliminate them.

Jeremiah Roe's descendants have very high and in a few cases extremely high DNA connection to my mother. I think where the paper trail breaks down is with the children that Jeremiah had with his first wife, Mary Jane Grove. All of the children were born in a very lacking in records time period and part of the country. Most if not all eight children were born in Fayette County, Ohio between 1810 and 1825. There is only one son that I have been able to confirm through records was a son of Jeremiah and Mary, which is Jeremiah Roe III. There are two girls that other cousins who do connect to us by DNA matches claim that are daughters, Katherin Mary (Kate) and Elizabeth Jane, I'm still working on finding records that confirm them. The other children are completely unknown to me. I have frustratingly found so many trees claiming names like, Perry, Margaret, Michael, Nancy, Joseph, John, and others with absolutely no proof other than a line of trees that have been copied.

I am hoping that someone out there knows something about Jeremiah and his first wife's eight children that are willing to help me plug in the last missing piece of the puzzle. I'm certain that the connection is with one of his boys of the eight children. By the was of the eight five, counting Jeremiah III, are boys and three are girls. This is all based on the 1820 and 1830 census information. Also from the 1830 census in comparison with 1820, it can be deduced that one of the boys may have died before 1830.

Sorry for the lengthy post, but I've done so much work on this and even though I'm closer I'm still missing something that is keeping me from connecting my Jerry to his ancestors. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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