14 July 2016

Don't Like the Background? Change it!

Often times we have pictures that we love for one reason or another, but at the same time hate for another. What do you do? Change it.

Case in point. Recently, the company I am a receptionist for had a group photo done. We wanted an outdoor photo of the group, but there wasn't a perfect location for that, so our wonderful photographer at The Big Picture found the best possible location, while knowing that the background could be altered if need be. In our case, we ended up with a washed out parking lot on one side of the background, but when I was done with it, there was a beautiful background full of nature and color with just the right amount of light.

I currently working on another photo taken of a bride by her relatives. Though she liked the photo of herself the door in the background screams amateur photographer and is distracting. She wants to have the photo blown up to wall size and hang on her wall. Plus she wanted her skin tone evened out. The lighting in the room made her look blotchy. With a little clean up of her skin and a completely new background that makes it appear that her photo was taken in a professional studio, she will have an image ready to blow up and hang on her wall.

There are many times when the perfect action or the perfect smile are captured, but something in the background is very distracting or in some way steals away from the beauty of the photo. We don't have to put up with that anymore. It can be changed!

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Nicole Dyer said...

Wow! Nice editing! It looks great.