29 January 2016

Photo restoration and a mystery

I've done a few wonderful photo restorations this week. One was using two different photos of a building and scenery to restore a building to its original beauty. The other photo was an absolutely destroyed wedding photo. Both turned out amazing.

This lovely photo comes with a little mystery as the caption states. The bride Winifred Baker was born Anna May Corbett in Bridgeport, CT. The family has been searching for years for her roots with no such luck. Maybe one of my genealogy buddies will see this and know who Anna was and where she came from.

This photo was a lot of fun! First the customer wanted the storefront returned to its original grandeur of the early 1800's According to his research the building was a tavern around 1804. It was later turned into a store front, which is what you see in the photo in the top left which was taken in 1938. The building was then demolished in the '70's. As part of my customer's research, he wanted a photo of the building that would appear as it did in 1804. With his input from his research, I was able to recreate the front of the building and then with using a period photo from the area I was able to place the building into it's surrounding area. Viola! We have the old tavern in PA circa 1804 on the right. According to the research, if the building were still standing it would be one of the oldest buildings in PA. Research and original photos provided by Mark Jaskolka. Thank you, Mark for a wonderful opportunity to show my skills.

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