12 March 2013

Restored Memories

I have been extremely busy lately. I'm now a volunteer with CARE for Sandy. I'm putting my skills to good use to restore photos that were damaged in Hurricane Sandy. At the same time I'm working on some of my own family photos. Here are just a few of the photos I've restored form my collection.

This photo is of my mother (striped shirt), her twin (blue), their baby sister (sitting), and their parents.
This is a photo of my grandma and grandpa Roe


These two ended up in my Jenkins genealogy book that I just finished. Yes I finally finished my Jenkins book! Woohoo!!!!!!


John said...

Congratulations on your Jenkins book! I just discovered your earlier post about the Jenkins family. I can help you out a bit on the Jenkins ancestry. The wife of Hugh Jenkins was not Mary Kent, but Mary Cowan, which partially explains their close association with that family. She was the daughter of David Cowan (II) and Mary Fleming of Salisbury Township, Lancaster County, PA. They sold out her interest in the Cowan farm in 1769 and joined family members in Rowan County. Hugh Jenkins had been buying land there as early as 1765. Best regards, Terry Cowan

Amy Crooks said...

Thanks John, By the time I wrote the book I had settled on her name being Mary Cowan. But I still wasn't 100% sold on that because I was concerned that their daughter Ann married a Cowan, was he related then? Anyway in my book I left off Mary's maiden name because I just felt there needed to be more work done. I left off with Hugh and Mary being that last generation, so if I ever have a break through and find more information on them then I'll write another book picking up from there. Anyway thanks for sharing.

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