01 June 2012

Jenkins Family Reunion

Oh I'm working so feverishly on the book for the Jenkins Family Reunion, but at this point I fear that I won't complete it in time. I have stumbled across more Jenkins family members in Lincoln County, NC around 1800 that I want to study and add to the book.

On the other hand the book is getting so large with photos and the Lincoln County, NC Jenkins stories that I'm thinking a sequel to the first book may be an order. So I think I may find a breaking point for this first book, wrap it up and send it off to the printers. Then after more studies in the future I'll look at writing a second book to follow.

I wished I could be there with all of you at the family reunion. It's just not affordable this year. Maybe next time.

A big thanks goes out to Sharron, Betty, Kate and Evelynn for their contributions and helping me to make this book possible. I could not have done it with out you ladies.

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