04 February 2011

52 Weeks of Personal Genealogy & History - Radio & Television

Well now that's an interesting topic. Favorite radio and TV shows from my childhood......hmmmmm? Well lets see, when I was about four my parents started a church that did not allow TV and the only radio was gospel. They stayed in that church until I was 16. So guess what I grew up on? Yep you got it, gospel radio.

At sixteen though I was finally able to watch TV. Part of my morning routine before leaving for school was to sit with my parents and watch "Little House on the Prairie." They just don't make shows like that any more. It's still one of my favorite shows. I had read all of the books. Since they were based on a true story I was allowed to read them. I was not allowed to read fiction growing up, so I read a lot of real life stories. I guess that's where my passion for history sprang from. Then to top it all off, when I first attempted to be a stay-at-home-mom I found I got board very easy. So one day when I was watching........ Oh come on, it can't be that big of a stretch of the imagination........"Little House on the Prairie" I was sitting at my computer and thought........"I wonder what has been put online about the real Ingalls family?" So I started searching, and a search into her history soon lead to a curiosity and search into my family. From this moment sprouted the roots of what is now "Untangled Family Roots." So I guess you can say that my favorite TV show lead me to be a genealogist. Wow I never quit thought of it that way myself.

I also use to love such shows and Bonanza, Gun Smoke, Renegade, and Knight Rider. Yeah I liked the old stuff even when most kids my age would have thought that was strange as a teenager in the early 90's to like Bonanza, Gun Smoke and Little House on the Prairie. But I was still trying to catch up on what I had missed out on when I was younger.

I never really got into watching cartoons though. Probably because I was already a teenager when I started watching TV, but I do remember one cartoon my brother and I would watch every weekend...... Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I loved all the movies and the cartoon.


Amy Coffin, MLIS said...

I loved this show, too. still watch it in reruns to this day.

For those on Twitter, this is one of my favorite *fake* accounts:


Thanks for sharing you favorite show and participating in this week's topic.

A rootdigger said...

It's funny how we can pick up on ages by what they watched when. Had you watched it in the evening, you may be a little older....
I realized my husband to be did not know some tv shows I watched. Of course it was only one channel, but still, he should have heard of some of them. He just was five years younger.!They shape us,right?

A rootdigger said...

I am curious how far you went with the Ingells/ Wilder. I started once a ways back cause I had wilder in mn. I should look again. My Wilders were around Wells with reaches towards western around Tracy or Tyler mn. Below Sleepy Eye. It was a Recent scraping too, and then I moved in another direction. [ as usual]