02 December 2009

Casefile Clue

Here a while back I purchased my copy of Casefile Clues, 2009 from the brilliant writer Micheal John Neill. I have been going back to the material often. As I hit different scenarios in my research that may stump me for a bit I go back to by binder I've created of his files. Either I learn something new, or confirm a thought I may have had. No matter the outcome I can say I have thoroughly appreciated his volumes for learning and growing in my genealogy practice.

Each volume discusses a different type of records, or a series of records used to solve a particular problem. Say for instance you have difficultly with an ancestors birth year. You have records that conflict. He has written an example, A Chicago Birth in 1913, that may help you solve that discrepancy. He clearly walks through all the documents he found, what the family tradition was as to her age at time of marriage, and then how he used all this information to arrive at a reasonable conclusion, as well as cautioning us to make clear notes when we are using conjecture.

I just purchased his weekly newsletter for $15 annually. I look forward to getting more and adding them to my binder.


Amy said...

I'm a new subscriber, too. I like what I see so far.

Andrew said...

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Dorene from Ohio said...

I've awarded you the "Happy 101" award. You can read about it and pick it up here:


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