05 January 2009

Enough Already!!!

I'm sorry for my lack of maintaining my blog, but even now I'm sitting here shivering. So I must keep this brief. My office is a basement office. My little space heater kicked the bucket, a basement window broke when an iceicle went through it so it is like ice down here. My husband plans to move my computer upstairs where it is nice and warm, but until then you won't here from me much. As a matter of fact you may not even here from me much at all until this white stuff stops burring us!

My spare time is spent shoveling snow or staying warm up stairs working on one of my quilts instead of down here freezing on the computer.

Here is a little of what it looks like around here under five feet plus of snow. Even my metal roof can't get rid of the snow fast enough before we end up with ice dams and have to shovel it off.

This photo above was taken on the first day of the snow fall Dec 18th. With in a 24 hour period we had recieved 34 inches of snow.
These two above were taken two days later as we began to dig out of the snow. The mound around the ladder is where we started to shovel off the roof.
These last two were taken on New Years Day. Compare the two of the tree out in the middle of our back yard and you'll see how much more snow we got. We now have about five feet of snow. This is the craziest winter I have ever seen here.

Now that my fingers are numb I'm going back up stairs to warm up before I go to work.


Julie Cahill Tarr said...

I feel your pain. But it does make for some wonderful photos. I especially like the snow-covered tree.

JoLyn said...
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JoLyn said...

I thought winter was bad in Utah, but you are snowed in! Where are you located in Idaho? I grew up in southeastern Idaho, so just curious!

amyrebba said...

I'm in Northern Idaho, near Spokane, WA. We are finally thawing out.