01 April 2007

Who Is That?

Welcome to the April 2, 2007 edition of who is that?.

Once again it's that time. I only got one submission but it is an absolutely wonderful story to read.

family stories

Lakshmi presents Ode to an Octogenarian at Alchemy posted at Alchemy. This is a wonderful story about a woman's grand aunt who lived life the way she choose and didn't let others tell her how she "should" live her life, in a culture where women didn't make their presence known, but were instead the women of the home.

Once again another wonderful story that should be preserved. However you do it, storybooks, scrapbooks, journals, or blog, preserve your families heritage. If we don't preserve our heritage who will? History is one thing. There will always be someone to write about the moments that have an effect on our lives, but who will write your history. Will you be remembered long after you and your loved ones are gone. If you write it, someone will know it.

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