04 November 2006

Christmas Gift from the Heart

There is nothing so special as a gift that comes from the heart. There are a few more weeks left to make your books for a grandparent, parent, spouse or even a child. Here are some wonderful storybooking idea for Christmas:
  • Record you memoir or entire life for your children or grandchildren
  • Rewrite the stories in your family, but for a 6-10 grade reading level for your children
  • Delight a friend with a "Best Friends Book"
  • "I Love you Because...." A gift for grandparents, with a page from each grandchild, including photo and quote about what they love about their grandma and grandpa.
  • "Just Like Dad" - pictures and stories of Father and Son doing similar things.
  • For the soldier who is now deployed and will miss Christmas with their family. Write a special "Love You and Miss You" book to update them and share photos of what is happening while they are away.
  • For the immigrant in your family. Write a book about their life
  • For the joking co-worker or friend publish a book of all your favorite jokes and anecdotes.
  • For the spiritual friend a book a favorite quotes and prayers.
  • Compose a "Grandma Brag Book" of her grandchildren.
  • Celebrate siblings with a "Sisters Book" of "Brothers Book"
  • Do a "Mother and Daughter" book. She won't be able to hold back the tears.
  • Do a "From Daddy's Little Girl" book, and watch him melt.
  • Write you own children's story for your child to cherish.
  • Mother's publish a cook book of your favorite recipes for your daughters and daughter-in-laws. They will forever cherish those recipes.
  • A poster for your child of their favorite hero.
  • A Timeless Calendar

The ideas are endless, and rather inexpensive. But the love and joy you will receive when you give them is priceless.

The Christmas deadline is November 30th, so call me today (208)777-4312! Don't miss out on this wonderful idea for your loved ones. Your Heritage Makers Independant Consultant.


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Sean Carter said...

I'm touched...these are some lovely ideas..gifts like this are much more precious than the expensive ones that we buy for our near and dear ones...for some more innovative and cool stuff you can also peep into my Holiday Blog you might like it!!