20 June 2012

Jenkins of Lincoln Co., NC

For those who follow my blog you'll notice that I've not been around much over the last year. It's all been for a few good reasons. One I finished my queen sized Native American themed Lone Star quilt for my bed, but that's off the subject. The rest of my time has been in studying and write a book about my Jenkins line.

My grandmother, Olivia Joyce (Jenkins) Woolsey was the daughter of John Hugh and Leota (Morton) Jenkins. John Hugh Jenkins was the son of John Stephen and Olive (Swofford) Jenkins and John Stephens Jenkins was the son of Micheal Oliver and Mary Ann (Freshour) Jenkins. There is where my colossal brick wall began several years ago. That was until a lovely lady named Betty Ann Roach found me.
I had began to put together a digital scrap book thinking, "Well this is as far as I'll get on my Jenkins line." Now we all know that given enough time and hard work, brick wall eventually crumble. Only this one I saw as granite. I had been told many time that no one knew who the parents of MO Jenkins were, and to this day I still don't know for sure, because it had always been known that he was as illigetemate child. However that doesn't mean you can't skip to the next generation if you know, from his account, who his Aunt and Grandfather were. This is where Betty came into the picture. She had wrote me about the works of Jewel Dial, a grandaughter of MO Jenkins who interviewed him personally! Now what a treasure! If it weren't for Jewel then my wall would most certainly have been made of granite, but today it is a pile of rubble!

Photo: Micheal Oliver Jenkins and wife Mary Ann (Freshour) Jenkins

According to Jewel's interview notes MO accounted that he had been raised by his Aunt Fronburger whose father (his grandfather) was Joseph Jenkins. This family actually wan't very hard to research. Thanks to the extrordinary efforts of Familysearch.org and the records of Lincoln County, NC. Using Wills, Probates, Land records and census records I was able to piece together the Jenkins family.

Margaret Jenkins the daughter of Joseph Jenkins did marry William Froneberger 7 March 1820. She was nursing her daughter Barbara at the same time that MO was born, so she was able to take on the care of MO as well. Once this connection was established, which matched with the details in MO's interview, the flood gates opened.

Most records I could find on this family were found on the Family Search website. Betty had sent me a copy that she already had of Margert's brother's (Hugh) will. Though this record can also be found in the Lincoln County wills on the Family Search website. Most of the records were not indexed, so I had to search them individually until I found who I was looking for. It was time consuming, but well worth it.

Here is the lesson I learned, never assume that all records on a genealogy data base site are indexed or that only the ones indexed are available for online viewing. I began looking through the catalog list for Lincoln County, NC when I notice something I had not noticed and certainly not taken advantage of before. In the list some records indicated they were online and no longer gave a film number. So I clicked on the link for North Carolina Probates and found that I could browse the records. Eventually I found probate, estate files and or wills for David and Hugh, both brothers of Margaret, Joseph, their father, Hugh and Steward, brother's who turned out to be cousins of Joseph, Aaron, brother of Joseph and Hugh Jenkins, the father of Joseph. From these records and support by census records I was able to compile two more generations back from my MO Jenkins. Now that I know the family came from Lancaster, PA guess where I'll start my research next. Though from what I've seen there doesn't seem to be the abundance of records that I had found with Lincoln, NC for Lancaster, PA. At this point I've decided not to finish writing my book until I can find more about Hugh Jenkins' family in Pennsylvania.

Generation 1

1. HUGH1 JENKINS was born in 1722 in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. He died in Nov 1800 in
Rowan County, NC. He married (1) MARY MASON KENT. She was born in 1739.
Hugh Jenkins and Mary Mason Kent had the following children:

     2. vii. JOSEPH JENKINS was born in 1758 in Rowan Co, North Calolina. He died in 1821 in
              Lincoln County, North Calolina. He married ELIZABETH HAMBRIGHT, daughter of
              Frederick Hambright and Sarah Hardin. She was born in 1755 in Lincoln County,
              North Calolina.
        viii. SAMUEL JENKINS.
    3.  ix. MOSES JENKINS.
    4.   x. MARY JENKINS. She married DAVID KILPATRICK.
         xi. SUSANA JENKINS. She married ROBERT JOHNSTON.
        xii. AARON JENKINS was born in 1762 in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. He died in
            1834 in Rowan, North Carolina, USA.
    5. xiii. HUGH JENKINS.
    6. xiv. JAMES JENKINS.
    7. xv. ANN JENKINS. She married WILLIAM COWAN.
       xvi. MARY JENKINS. She married MATTHEW STUART.

Generation 2
2. JOSEPH2 JENKINS (Hugh1 Jenkins) was born in 1758 in Rowan Co, North Calolina. He died in 1821
    in Lincoln County, North Calolina. He married ELIZABETH HAMBRIGHT, daughter of Frederick
    Hambright and Sarah Hardin. She was born in 1755 in Lincoln County, North Calolina.
    Joseph JENKINS and Elizabeth Hambright had the following children:
            died in 1870 in Gaston County, North Carolina, USA. She married WILLIAM
            FRONEBERGER on 07 Mar 1820 in Lincoln County, North Carolina, USA.
        ii. HUGH JENKINS was born on 09 Jan 1788 in Lincoln County, North Carolina, USA.
           He died in 1835 in Lincoln County, North Carolina, USA. He married SUSANA BEST
           on 25 Jun 1829 in Lincoln, North Carolina.
      iii. SARAH JENKINS was born in 1793 in Lincoln County, North Carolina, USA. She died
          in 1852 in North Carolina, USA.
     iv. SUSANNA JENKINS was born in 1780 in Lincoln County, North Carolina, USA. She
         died in 1827 in Rutherford County, North Carolina, USA.
     v. ANN JENKINS was born in 1782 in Lincoln County, North Calolina. She died on 14
         Aug 1858 in Lincoln County, North Calolina. She married HUGH ROBISON.
     vi. ELIZABETH "BETSEY" JENKINS was born in 1796 in Lincoln County, North Carolina,
    vii. AGNES JENKINS was born in 1796 in Lincoln County, North Carolina, USA. She died
         in Poke, AK.
   viii. DAVID JENKINS was born in 1786 in Lincoln County, North Carolina, USA. He died in
         1835 in Lincoln County, North Carolina, USA.
     ix. MARY JENKINS.

3. MOSES2 JENKINS (Hugh1).
    Moses Jenkins had the following children:
       i. HUGH3 JENKINS.

    David Kilpatrick and Mary Jenkins had the following children:

5. HUGH2 JENKINS (Hugh1).
    Hugh Jenkins had the following child:
      i. POLLY3 JENKINS.

6. JAMES2 JENKINS (Hugh1).
    James Jenkins had the following child:
       i. SARAH3 JENKINS. She married BENJAMIN TROTT.

7. ANN2 JENKINS (Hugh1). She married WILLIAM COWAN.
   William Cowan and Ann Jenkins had the following children:
      i. JANE3 COWAN.
     ii. POLLY COWAN.


Unknown said...

Wow, sounds like a lot of work but I'm glad you're getting somewhere. I've always been interested in my family roots as well. Some of my favorite times have been listening to some of the stories that have been told. I'm lucky enough to have a book written by my great-great uncle about when his father came to the US from Iran & how he met his wife (my great-great grandmother) & how the kids (my great grandfather) grew up. I started trying to type it but I never finished. I think I should try to find where I put it & finish it now.

Anyway, not sure if you remember me but I remember you mainly from the picture I had of you & that I thought you looked just like Reba on the cover of the Christmas album I had of her haha. Your aunt Mary Jane just shared your blog so I'm following it now. I actually have one of my own where I write about all sorts of random things :p
If you care to stop by & check it out.

I look forward to reading more about what you find out. I hope you find your way to Daniel Boone

miah said...

Super interesting. I was researching my Jenkins roots on Geni and the lineage came to an end at my 8th great grandfather Hugh Jenkins. He was Joseph's father (who married Elizabeth Hambright). They were from Lancaster, PA then Rowan, NC. My family roots as far as i knew go back to Virginia (later West Virginia). I'm interested in whatever you find out.

Anonymous said...

I have been searching for the father of Benjamin Jenkins, buried in Bethany Cemetery in Clover, S.C. - 1767-1819--His son Thomas Mitchell Jenkins--Civil war record--is also buried in this cemetery in Clover, S.C. along with many other Jenkins -- Son of Benjamin Jenkins on one document says he was born in Virginia, many Jenkins in Lincoln and Cleveland Counties of North Carolina, Just cant make a positive match Any help would be appreciated

janrh1290 said...

I too have Jenkins ancestors from Lincoln and Gaston counties. My 4th GG was James Jenkins who married Susannah Hoffman in Lincoln county in 1817. I'm fairly certain that James' parents were Elijah Jenkins & Polly (Peggy) Wells. Most likely they are related to your Jenkins but I don't know how. Do you have any information on these Jenkins? Any info you have I would really appreciate! Thank you.

Untangled Family Roots said...

Join the club. The Jenkins always seemed to have a broken link somewhere. I've not come across any Jenkins from that area in my research. Mine were from Lincoln and Rowan Counties of NC, and none that involved VA, but I'll keep and eye out of them.

Unknown said...

I wonder where that broken link is because I pick up my family line in Tennessee then Texas well one thing is most likely if you're a Jenkins your ancestors are more than likely from Wales england

Unknown said...

I though Hugh Jenkins married Mary Cowan.

Untangled Family Roots said...

Unknown you are right. It is Mary Cowan. I've since figured that out. This is an old post, but this is the fun of genealogy research and why we as researchers are never done. There is always something new that comes to light.

Unknown said...

Elizabeth Hambright and Joseph Jenkins daughter married William Froneberge . Their daughter Mary Ann married Robert Payne, who was my 3rd great grandfather
I still live in Bessemer City about 8 miles from where I think weve found Sarah Hardin's grave along with her daughter Elizabeth with Joseph Jenkins